Slot and dipoles as dual antennas

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Dual Vertical Dipole Panel Antenna - Jampro Antennas Inc. The Jampro JFVD is a Dual Vertical Dipole Panel Antenna. Each panel consists of balun fed dual dipoles, featuring high gain and low downward radiation. Wideband Antennas for Modern Radar Systems | IntechOpen Popular antennas for the ground-based and airborne radar systems include horn antennas, reflector antennas, and slotted waveguide antennas ( Skolnik, 2001). US8704720B2 - Coverage antenna apparatus with selectable

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Abstract: A compact dual-band rectenna operating at 915 MHz and 2.45 GHz is presented. The rectenna consists of a slot-loaded dual-band folded dipole antenna and a dual-band rectifier. The length of the proposed antenna is only 36.6% of the half-wavelength (λ 0 /2) dipole antenna at 915 MHz while keeping dual-band property at 915 MHz and 2.45 GHz. The rectifier circuit is optimized for low ... (PDF) Design and Development of a 2.4 GHz Slot Antenna ...

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Dual-polarized antennas have obtained wide applications in various mobile communications such as WLAN, WiMAX, and LTE base stations.A pair of bowtie-shaped planar dipoles and two parallel curve parasitic elements constitute the planar quasi-open-sleeve dipole structures with wideband... Printed Dipole Antenna - PDF Printed dipole antennas are of interest, when an electronic product, which is implemented on a7.4 Slotted-cylinder antennas As illustrated in Figure 7-3, a slot in an infinite plane is equivalent to a dipole of205 Compact Tunable and Dual band Circular Microstrip Antenna for GSM and Bluetooth... (VHF) DIPOLE ANTENNA B THE (VHF) DIPOLE ANTENNA Fig 16.1: Length correction factor for half-wave dipole as a function of diameter The Radio Communication Handbook Fig 16.3: Simple dipole construction for 2m and 70cm 16.1 16: PRACTICAL VHF/UHF ANTENNAS Fig 16.4: Simple Yagi antenna structure, using... CPW-Fed Stub-Loaded Slot Dipole Antenna Design Abstract—A novel uniplanar slot dipole antenna fed by a coplanar waveguide (CPW) is proposed for dual-band operation. The frequency ratio between the rst spurious and fundamental modes of the slot dipole antenna can be conveniently adjusted with the use of four slot stubs introduced on its two arms.

problems for the wideband dual-band dual-polarized antenna. In recent years, several dual-polarized antennas with good performances were designed based on slot antennas [3,4] and dipole antennas [5,6]. Several studies have been focused on the development of dual-band antenna elements [7{16].

Slot dipole antenna with single-and dual-band tuning characteristic ... A slot dipole antenna with a reconfigurable operating frequency is presented. The antenna comprises two pairs of slot arms. Each arm incorporates a number A Compact Dual-Band Rectenna Using Slot-Loaded Dual Band Folded Dipole ... A compact dual-band rectenna operating at 915 MHz and 2.45 GHz is presented. The rectenna consists of a slot-loaded dual-band folded dipole antenna and a d What is the difference between slot antenna and patch antenna? - Quora